How to become a real estate agent in New Brunswick?

May 3, 2019

To sell real estate in New-Brunswick, you need to go through a 4 steps process before you can be licensed. The real estate profession is co-regulated by the provincial government through FCNB and the New Brunswick Real Estate Association (NBREA). The Association is responsible for the pre-licensing education and once the student has successfully completed the process, the province will issue the license to sell real estate.  The licence allows the agent to list and sell anywhere in the province.  The studies can be done in both official languages, English and French.

The first step consists of an introduction to real estate online class.  This first step has been developed to give you an overview of the obligations and what you can expect as a salesperson trading real estate in New Brunswick.  At the end of this introduction, you should have gathered enough information to determine if real estate is for you and if you wish to pursue your study and this career.

The second step involves the study of the various modules related to real estate.  This portion is self directed and is done from your home. Through your studying, you have access to a staff person at the NBREA to assist you with understanding the content of the various modules. Once you have completed the modules and you feel comfortable with the material, you will attend a 3-day Practicum at NBREA.

The Practicum has been developed to assists students to take some of the concepts from the manuals and to apply them in more practical terms with an instructor.  The 3 days are more hands-on information and exercises to help the students be more prepared for the exam and the world of real estate. Once you have completed this third step, you are eligible to move to step 4, the final step which is to write the exam.

The exam consists of 80 multiple choice questions and an exercise where you are required to complete an Agreement of Purchase and Sale based on a specific scenario.  The passing grade is 75% and you have 2 chances to write.

People often ask me how long it takes to go through the process, and the answer varies depending on your availability of time to study and your personal goal towards becoming employed.

Once you have successfully completed the 4 steps, you qualify to be licensed.  To do so you will need a real estate company to hire you.

If you have any questions, reach out to me, I will do my best to guide you.

Andre Malenfant