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Dual agency is also known in the real estate jargon as double ending. This is when the listing agent is representing both the seller and they buyer at the same time during a transaction. First, one must understand dual agency before you decide if it is appropriate for you as ...

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Sales were up by 6% in April 2019 compared to last year.

The Greater Moncton REALTORS® du Grand Moncton MLS® system keeps track of all the sales reported through the years as well as maintain a data base known as the Home Price Index to help analyse and understand the local market. A total of 314 real properties were sold during the ...

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How to become a real estate agent in New Brunswick?

To sell real estate in New-Brunswick, you need to go through a 4 steps process before you can be licensed. The real estate profession is co-regulated by the provincial government through FCNB and the New Brunswick Real Estate Association (NBREA). The Association is responsible for the pre-licensing education and once ...

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